Ok, maybe I'm just too lame... maybe I'm just dreaming but I have something in mind, please help me solve my doubt.

The background: I am totally hopless in ACRO mode. I have never flown anything before my GAUI 330x 4 months ago. Everytime (almost) the flight ended in a crash. Then I bought the AC electronics, and after trying the stable mode I just never crashed again, well I did when I ran into a tree and when I ran out of batteries...
p.s. thanks guys also from my wife :) :)

So the stable mode is the feature I want.

But then, getting some flying practice I want to push more the copter (I am a dirt bike addict so I never get enough on pushing) so the ACRO is the way to go.


I perfectly understand the difference between the two, but what if we could combine them?

What I mean is:

 - I move the stcks (roll, pitch) the quad behaves like ACRO mode (flipping is possible)

 - I am in a trouble and I leave the sticks (center them) STABLE mode engages and helps me stabilize the copter.


Would this be possible? Would it make sense?

Before trying to change the code I would like some feedback from somebody with experience in programming and flying.






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In acro mode, the angular rate is proportional to the r/c joystick input. In stable, the attitude is proportional to the r/c joystick input, so they aren't compatible. You could code it such that "small" stick inputs are in stable, and large ones switch to acro, but this would cause problems when switching from say a left roll to a right roll, passing through zero. A more workable way is to automatically switch modes based on stick behavior. As long as stick inputs are slow and small, it stays in stable. As soon as a large or rapid input is made, it switches to acro and stays there until sticks are small and slow for some period of time (2-3 seconds?). I think its possible, but it may be tricky to determine the switchover points..


- Roy

Thanks for your kind reply.

I think then the only good thing (for me) would be to set the ACRO vs STABLE mode on a switch on the TX. and learn how to fly ACRO. :)

Although I have to be very quick to flip it!





Hi Emile,

Just having the ability to bank up to 90 degrees would make stable mode much more fun.  By changing my pitch and roll end points to 125% on the radio allows for a steeper bank angle, but still not close to 90 degrees.  I'm sure the code could be easily modified to increase the pitch and roll angles. 


Once you get past 90 degrees, things are going to get weird when trying to use stable mode!  :-)

I adapted stable mode to allow ~45° which is more than enough for flying ;-) (there is something called stick to angle or something, reduce and it gives a higher angle)

Sounds good!  I've been too busy this week to dig into the code. 


Maybe this weekend!

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