Please i need help about this argument. I've got , or better i will have (depends of the shipping...) the APM2. I'd like to put 4 led strip, about 3 or 6 led each, one for arms like thiese one:

These led strip have a forward tension of 12v and resistor already included. Can i connect it in any APM2 pin and how? And please anyone to learn me how to manage the led with eg. a radio switch?


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First of all, no, you cannot drive those directly from the APM2 pins.  They are rated at 5V and only 40mA.  Not nearly high enough.  You must use a transistor, MOSFET, etc, driven by the APM2 to switch on external power.

Here's some good reading material, but this does not work yet for APM2:


ty for info

Connect direct to outer pins of balance tap of 3S LiPo

Really? each strip? but in this mode i can't manage it, only with a switch on/off.

Well yeah, that's the super easy way to do it.

I'm working on the LED code currently, as it's a bit messed up right now.

time ago I saw a small code change that when the engines were armed, the relay isactivated

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