I'm curious if there's a way to add a real time flight radar map layer to Mission Planner.

Something along the lines of FlightRadar24.com

Like a mini tower. Everything is real time. My bird, it's flight path be it by waypoint or free flight and all air traffic their flight paths altitudes etc etc.

Currently i have to use them separately. Real time Flight Radar on one screen and Mission Planner on another.

I want to marry the two maps real time.

Any thoughts or alternative methods to achieve this?


- chase -

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Maybe I'm asking the wrong question?

Is it possible to add custom layers in MP?

And or choose a different map provider in MP?


Never mind I think I found out how to do what I want to do.

If interested in doing the same... here's the link to get you started


The developer from Sidepilot made it possible without ADSB-receiver

SidePilot from what I read that's left online didn't have real-time air traffic info. Plus it required BLE repeaters. (Bluetooth) to connect. Basically a mission planner for 3DR Solo and Ardu from what I read of it.

I didn't see anything about receiving real time air traffic or having the capability.

The SidePilot site is down though it looks like they're still selling the phone app for iOS.

I did find one app, similar in that it's a mission planner app but the price tag they put on it to get the version that has real time air traffic capability is just to much for the want of a single feature.

Someone eventually will come out with one that's obtainable I suppose. In the mean time I'll just have to carry the extra gear and use multiple screens.

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