I've been trying to identify  certain toggle switches that would allow me to flip a switch or toggle a button in order to power on my quadcopter instead of having to constantly plug and unplug my battery's xt60/90 connectors. So, I think there are 2 variables that can't be ignored in this process. they are the voltage and amp ratings of the given switch.

Let's say, for example, that my quad is drawing a total of 60a for all 4 motors. My peripherals (LEDs, fpv cam etc.are all powered via a separate battery) I am the quadcopters motors with a  4s 10,000 mah lipo and the amp via 3dr power module. So, if my max current is 60a at 16.8v, does that mean that my toggle switch should be rated at a minimum of that voltage rating and current? oR should there be additional headroom between that uppermost limit of current and the volt/amp rating of the switch. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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