Have a problem, Adruplane drops my full up elevator input down to 20% down elevator.

I have flown this plane before with the exact settings, before I installed the APM2.5, now after I installed the APM, the moment I give full elevator up input it lowers it to about 20% down elevator.

If I hold up, it stays at down 20%, if I release it, goes to neutral, pull back once more it goes up, and a second later it goes down again.

If I just input 99% input on my controller does not do it, but if I go 100% it once again goes down to 20% down elevator.

I have to add that the sub trim is to the limit, so full up elevator is to the limit of the travel of the radio, so what I thought is that, that extra travel is messing with the APM.

I am going to try and lower the sub trim too see if it still does it.

Any help would be appreciated.


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  • I am having a similar issue. Full elevator for about 5seconds then it returns to neutral. Any luck with a solution?
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