Advanced Parameters limits on speed

Hi every body
I have a question about the limits which are applied on the speed in advanced parameters

I am actually looking for a way to increase the max speed, my copter can fly in loiter mode

in advanced parameters there is a parameter named WPNAV_LOIT_SPEED which gets the values between 0 to 200

it determines the maximum value of the speed a copter can have while loitering.

I want to know what will happen if we change it to more than 2000? will it act the same as if we put it 2000 or it violates and exceed in reality?

if it will not exceed 2000 in reality, is there any way to increase it or not?

any help would be appreciated!

thanks every body

WPNAV_LOIT_SPEED2000cm/s0 2000Defines the maximum speed in cm/s which the aircraft will travel horizontally while in loiter mode

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  • You can increase speed past 20m/s, yes.

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