With the continuous development of science and technology, drones used in the public safety field are more and more frequently, and the demand for drones by the police department will also increase. So what are the advantages of police drones, which are favored by police officers?


  1. Collect on-site data, quickly transmit the on-site video and audio information to the command center, and track the development of the event for the commander to make judgments and decisions. After the security drone's mounted camera arrives at the scene, it can be quickly deployed and can be observed on a wide range of angles. It has an irreplaceable effect and is unmatched by general monitoring equipment.


  1. In the state of media failure, broadcast leaflets to convey information to the people at the scene. When some large-scale group riots occur, due to a large number of people participating, it is easy to lack sense and it is difficult to control the scene. When necessary, drones can be used to broadcast leaflets, convey relevant information to the people at the scene, guide the people to cooperate with the government's rescue operations, or disperse demonstration crowds and put in dispersing equipment.


  1. Make a speech in the air, pass the speech of government leaders, and express the intention of the police. Unexpected events are uncertain. If normal publicity tools cannot be used to communicate with the masses during the handling process, drones can be used to carry out loudspeakers to speak to the scene and convey correct public opinion orientation.


  1. Keep the data transmission link in the monitoring area as a communication relay. Communication equipment for emergency police needs to rent satellite lines for complicated procedures in advance. Due to the high number of blind spots in communication signals in high-rise buildings, signals cannot be transmitted to the command center in a timely manner, resulting in delayed decision-making. The small communication equipment carried by the drone plays the role of a low-altitude satellite, forming an uninterrupted signal link to the ground so that the command system can receive detailed alarm information at the scene in time.


Of course, the advantages of police drones are not limited to these. In the future, the use of drones will become more and more widespread.

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