Advice for my 1st developer quadcopter (solo, iris, quad kit, other?)

Hi everybody,

A friend just talked me into getting a drone and now I'm seeking advice on the most logical option for my 1st drone.

Use case:
I'm a developer looking to contribute to OpenSource DroneCode, thinker, modify, upgrade, stick new sensors and program it to hopefully get to the level of the interesting posts I've been reading on this forum (amazing stuff). My 1st plan is to see how I connect it to web based sdk's and telemetry analysis.

Which drone:

- Solo: Initially looked at this as the best hardware + pixhawk2 + 3DR is putting most of his efforts behind it, but I noticed that it might be less configurable. Would I be limited in the sensors or upgrades if I want to thinker with it?

- DIY quad kit / Iris: Those both look like the best options for developers (and my use case) but don't seem to mount the latest hardware, namely pixhawk2 and probably many other hardware details that I'm unaware of.

In a nutshell, the question:

To all those drone developers out there: If you were to start today and purchase a brand new drone, which one would it be?

Thanks a lot.

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