Advice needed: Best Gimbal & Action camera combo?

Hi guys,

I’m just starting out with gimbals. My goal is to get smooth decent photography/video and FPV capability.
After some research here is the best I could find:

Gimbal: Tarot GOPRO 3DⅢ…r_warehouse=CN 1

Camera: Gitup G3 Duo (for AV out)…r_warehouse=CN

AV out Cable for FPV…r_warehouse=CN

I’m planning on mounting this to an F450 DJI Flamewheel frame, and then also to a DAYA 680 (should I use rail mounts?). The reason why I picked the Gitup camera was becuase I found out that the latest GoPros only have HD out, and so that was the best AV out sports cam I found find.

Let me know if you share my same thoughts or have other hardware ideas. Thank you!

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  • I think the new DJI Osmo Mobile 3 is pretty nice. It is so much enhanced in its appearance and there are a lot of impressive new features be brought in. The most important is that it is affordable and portable. Anyway, it is a good gimbal choice for beginners.

    DJI Osmo Mobile 3: Incredible Phone Gimbal for Beginners
    DJI unveiled the Osmo Mobile 3 on August 13 and it is incredible for a phone stabilizer for vlog beginners. Let's see how great it is.
  • If you are starting with gimbals then you must read and understand everything about gimbals. Like how they work what kinds of gimbals exist in the market and how to use them properly. And the most important is the gimbal buying guide that will lead you to buy the best gimbals for your profession. 

     F450 DJI will be the right choice to go with. 

  • great gimbal, i have one, i just wsh it had 360 degree pan

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