I would like to try and build a UAV blimp. I probably have some of the required skills: techincal (pic, c++ and python programming), practical (some soldering), and theoretical (a physics major), but I have no experience in r/c airplanes or airships.
My idea would be to start with something easy, maybe just a diy R/C blimp, and expand it later step by step. What would be a good model to start? Something easy enough to build that can be expanded later, maybe with an ardupilot board an a wealth of sensors.

I have a lot of question, like:
How fast is a blimp? how much can it lift? can it lift a small wireless camera?
how long do the battery last?
In a house It's pointless to use a GPS to navigate, can you navigate with accelerometers? Has anyone tried? Can you recharge the battery in mid air?

But the most important question is, of course: is there guide/FAQ/HOWTO where I can find some information to start?



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Well, you've come to the right place. Start with our Blimpduino. Spend a little time reading the posts and otherwise exploring the resources here (including the blimp forums) and most of your questions will probably be answered.
thanks a lot for your reply. Actually I'm not sure the blimpduino is the right thing to start with. The design is not yet finalized (as far as I can tell) and the radio controls have been added more as an afterthought than by design.
Is there an easy t build r/c blimp solution whose part can then be reused to build a blimpduino?

Also, the information in the forum is very sparse and unorganized, is there a wiki or some kind of document to refer to for beginners?


Then I suggest you start with YARB.

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