Aerial Cinematography Flight School!

Hi Guys,

Thought I would post here to let everyone know about the Cinematography Flight School my team has started, with help from the Crowdfunding site Kickstarter. We're so excited to have met our goal in just a few days, and it's all from grassroots support 

You can find the link here:

We're building an easy to follow video series that trains pilots (both new and experienced) filming techniques that make the most out of your UAV investment. Flying safely and effectively is so important for this community to continue to thrive, and we want to teach people all the tips and tricks we've picked up in our many years of flight. 

We're pleased to announce the official support of Chris Anderson, head of 3D Robotics, for our campaign! Come join us, learn how to fly safely and capture amazing content.

Thanks, and I look forward to speaking with you guys soon!




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  • Aerial Cinematography Training Course starts in Septemper 2021 in Phoenix. It is a free course by Unmanned Vehicle University (I'm sharing this info here, cause I prepare a drone project for schools and do my homework on now). Additionally, they offer a discount for registered members: 15% off for a full pack of materials Advanced Aerial Cinematography Techniques for Drone Operators.
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  • That is really a good news

  • congrats..

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