Aerial Day and night time photography video with thermal infrared FLIR imaging M1D PTZ gimbal

I have been looking around for a small but good and rugged SUAS UAV gimbal camera ball that is REASONABLE ($50,000+ is out of my range) for doing energy audits and night time wildlife counting surveys. I was invited by SPI to come to Las Vegas to demo the M1 Thermal PTZ, i hardly could believe what was to be expected for $6,000. i was SHOCKED, this 2 LBS unit blew me away, it had awesome thermal imaging with color, a nice daytime channel cctv AND a focusable laser built in. I used it for about 3 hours, splashed water on it, went off roading around the blue diamond area, this unit is bulletproof. I would have like to see an Image intensified I2 channel on the ball, but for now, Im sold.

The unit i bought is this model;



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That is quite a camera.  Will look forward to hearing more about it once you've had a chance to mount it on your copter.  What type of copter will you be using to lift this?

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