Hi, a friend and I created an Open Source tool for georeferencing photographs taken from UAVs.  It's called Palentier and is freely available at http://www.palentier.com

We have been revamping the software and updating it to handle more platforms.  I was wondering if someone would send me a sample of the onboard telemetry that's collected during Arducopter flight and few photographs that correspond with that telemetry. This would allow us to make sure that Palentier can support Arducopter data.  The photographs that work best are those that have been taken straight down (nadir).


Happy New Year,


willis (DOT) arch (AT) gmail (DOT) com

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Mark, this is a good project and we should support it. Right now there is no connection between camera and APM telemetery, so photos do not have data embedded. The current APM com protocol is here, but we'll be switching to MAVlink soon. 


Here's the relevant position and attitude data from the current binary protocol.

Message ID Request type/Rate Name (Typical rate) Payload length (# of bytes) Payload Details


0x02 Constant/10Hz Attitude Data (10hz) 6 roll(int16) (degrees*100), pitch(int16) (degrees x 100), yaw(uint16) (degrees x 100)
0x03 Location Data (GPS) (1-4hz) 18 Lat(int32) (decimal degrees x 10^7), Lon(int32), Alt_MSL(int32) (meters x 100), ground_speed(uint16) (M/S x 100), ground_course(uint16) (degrees x 100), Time of Week (uint32) (milliseconds)

Chris, do you know if the next version of the code for the Arducopter will include that data?


Late Feb/early March
Sorry Chris, I wanted to know if the next release will have the data embedded as Mark asked, not the date. Thanks!

Mauro, I haven't had a chance to focus on adding support for ArduCopter to Palentier yet.  That being said, I do not believe the ArduCopter programmers will need to do anything on their end.  Should just be programming on Palentier's side of things. I'll bump it up a couple of notches on my todo list.



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