Aerocomm AC4490 Vs Xbee PRO 900HP Vs Maxstream Xtend?????? Which one is the best????


i am posting this topic into autopilot category because no one answered the post into "wireless communication" cat. looks like wireless communication is not important topic here. anyway, plz guide me on this one, as this is very important for me.

I want a new datalink for my UAV. But I need some suggestions and reviews about these transceivers (Aerocomm AC4490 Vs Xbee PRO 900HP Vs Maxstream Xtend). Please tell me which one is better in terms of cost, range and ease of use. Kindly suggest any other transmitter /receiver which is better than all of these.

Zeeshan haider

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Can't go past the RFD900. It was basically built for APM long range flights

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