Agisoft Photoscan vs Pix4uav


I was wondering if anyone has any experience using the different types of image processing software.

I'm particularly interested in the creation of DEMs for terrain/surface mapping.

I've been looking at the options out there. Something I'm confused about is why Pix4uav is so expensive compared to AgiSoft Photoscan.

Pix4UAV is $21000 (15500 euro)

Agisoft Photoscan is $3499 (2600 euro)

Is it really worth the extra cost?

EDIT: Hello I should edit this now as the new Pix4DMapper is cheaper and they have montly and yearly rental options

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  • I have Photoscan and have been really impressed with the results. Now, with that said, I'd shell out for Pix4D if their results were over and above better, but I won't shell out $21K US. I have a full copy of ArcGIS (terrible imagery capabilities, I know) that cost about that much. There would have to be some huge selling points for me to let go of $21K for image processing software right now given the possibility of being put out of business by the corporate-owned FAA.

    • That is a very good comment. No one knows for sure what products, manufacturers, or even corporate entities the FAA will approve, but everyone knows who the large Federal players are. Seems smart to me that we get our experience on the least costly options that do the job right now. The experience should speak volumes in a few years.

    • Hello the new version is somewhat cheaper to buy and there's rental options now. Still it's twice the price of photoscan. However the raycloud editor looks amazing!

  • Hi Guys, I have used both of these softwares, I find Photoscan to be a little lacking in regards to what Pix4D can do. I have gotten better results with Pix4D for the same data set. And the ability to edit the photo mosaic afterwards is a definite plus. Sometime in the next month or so I will publish a blog post regarding this comparison. The effort was made to compare geographic precisions and measurement precisions using Airborne LiDAR, direct measurement and using UAVs with different cameras, GoPro, Canon SX260, Sony Nex7 and Nikon D600. Hopefully the results will be enlightening.

    • So, I have not made the blog post on this topic yet. but I did give a talk on it at Dronecon 2014 which is now online.

    • Hello Jamie. I'm looking forward to seeing your blog. From the data I've seen so far spatial accuracies are far out of what UAV sales people are making them out to be. I'd be interested in seeing a comparison of spatial accuracies not just from GCP's but at random locations in the survey area.

    • Interesting post Jaime

      Keep us updated!

    • Jaime, I look forward to that post. In the next month or two I plan on evaluating both products to compare capabilities and quality prior to purchase/rental. Thanks!

  • Hi, Mark--

    I see I'm a couple of months late to your post--but I was wondering if you've received any information--I've got a similar question myself.  We've been using Pix4UAV for image processing but I'm looking into lower-cost (but just as accurate) SFM approaches to recreating DEMs from UAV photography (archaeological applications)  Would be really interested in hearing what other people have found out.



    • Hello Steve. No information off anyone but the latest version of Pix4 is cheaper and they offer a monthly and yearly rental option now. After seeing their raycloud editor in action I think I would go with Pix4DMapper if I had the funds available.

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