I am part of a group flying some WWII C47s over to Europe next May for what is scheduled to be the last celebration of the Invasion of Normandy.
Check out these sites:
I/We are looking for a way to take air to air video and photos of the adventure. I’m thinking that there is some technology from the drone world that may help accomplish this. I need to be able to remotely control (pan/tilt/zoom) an externally mounted camera. In my case I have a light mounted on the top of our tail that is 5” in diameter that I’m thinking of replacing with a camera. I’m thinking I’d have to have a glass enclosure for it. The top of the tail is inaccessible so remote control and remote image capture would be necessary. I have 24VDC available. These planes fly at airspeeds up to 175mph so I’m guessing an enclosure is part of the equation.

Anyone interested in taking on this challenge?

Barrett Fait


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