Airspeed weirdness nearly causing crash

When I switch on the APM and leave it, it shows zero airspeed after calibration. Then every now and again, the airspeed value will jump up a bit and stay there. It does this going higher and higher.

At one stage it showed 50m/s airspeed. At this fake airspeed, there is of course very little control surface deflection by the autopilot as it compensates for the high "speed".  This nearly resulted in a fly away as the plane could not manage to bank and I eventually wrested control back with the plane below horizon and about to fly into the ground.

I then tried various things with the pitot to see what's wrong, but ended up unplugging the airspeed sensor and disabling airspeed and use airspeed.  

This, however, did not resolve the problem!  The airspeed still shows as creeping up on the telemetry with the resulting reduction in control surface deflection!

What am I doing wrong?

Once I can get the TLOGs will I try and post that too.

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  • Hi,

    Version please? Hardware and software.



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