Alt Hold Crash

I trusted Alt Hold, in my case it worked always fine, within 1 m in calm conditions.

This morning, calm condition I tried to get ready for another Loiter test.

Just checking Alt Hold at about 5m worked very well until all of a sudden the heli dropped to the ground.

I couldn’t interfere anymore, one reason,  in Alt Hold the collective is more or less locked, and there is not much you can do with the stick.  That’s a bit of a disadvantage; I know it worked in earlier software versions.

It shattered my confidence quite a bit, because I don’t know what caused that glitch.

Alt Error just dropped for no reason. There was no change in Alt before the glitch.

May be someone has an idea?


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  • Probably have better luck in the ArduCopter section....

  • software versions 2.7.3


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