ALT Hold issue

good day gurus

ive set up a y6b with apm 2.6

flown it in stab mode

but when i switch it to alt hold is hear the motors are pulsating or oscilating but you cannot  see it, 

already done

thr_mid and it 350

thr_min 100

the two are set right now

now i havent touch the PIDs on altitude p, throtle p and throttle accell

im trying to understand whats written here

can some please explain.


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  • i have solve the problem, reseting all parameters and re installing fw 3.2.1 was the solution

  • hi pat, tnx for the reply, i havent tried auto tune, it flies smoothly on stab mode, ive tried , checking what possible can cause the pulsating on the motor once i switch alt hold

    tried yesterday

    tune via ch 6 alt_p, ins_mpu filter set to 20,

    adjust thro_accel and rate

    i have played around with this even the refresh rate of esc, i have chek logs for vibration and seems okay according to what ive read,

    chek also for baro error but it seems ok

    it also pulsate even if props are remove, you can hear them.sounding like pumping
  • Have you tried the auto tune feature?

    Also they are going to pulsate as they are trying to maintain altitude right.  If the wind blows then pressure is changing.  Do you have a case over your sensor on the chip?  Is there foam over it to reduce airflow?

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