Alt hold with 3dr radios problem.

Quick backgroundBeen running the 3dr 433mhz radios for a week now with no problems at all. Run a few missions and all was great until last night when I started having alt holt problems. If I put the quad into loiter or RTL it would start dropping in altitude till I would have to recover it before a crash. I haven't changed anything on the board so checked everything again and tested but still the same.I next Disconected my 3dr radios and plugged in the USB and did a erase EEPROM thinking this could help. After I had recalibrated and put the pids back in from a know working state I tested and everything was fine I had alt hold. Next I landed and reconnected the radios and the would not connect to mavlink. I now only get the base station come up in CTRL+A and nothing for the remote. They are connected correctly and the USB from the APM2 is not plugged in at the same time so that shouldn't be an issue.Anyway I thought I would give it a fly still and when I went for RTL it dropped like a stone again but loiter was working fine. I landed unplugged the remote radio from the APM2 and triad again and they both now work, so I can't work out what the problem is.I had a good GPS fix before take off so i wouldn't have thought it was that. I am using a DJI 450 Frame with 900kv motors and 10/4.5 props.Running arducopter 2.6. It's been really good until now and no settings have been changed so wonder what it could be.Any advise would be great thanks.

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