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Please excuse my ignorance but I have been itching to ask this question/s for some time nowWhy does Ardupilot and bills development board both specify EM 406 GPS receivers? I have been looking at what is available and there is quite a lot on offer.Would the 32channel LS-20031 be a better bet?I like the look of the omni directional antenna on the 50channel GS-406.Does more channels amount to better performance? Would an omni directional antenna be better than the standard pach?I would appreciate your comments

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    The EM406 is rock solid, inexpensive and entirely sufficient for a good autopilot. But as stated right on the ArduPilot home page, we also support the LS-200031 via an optional 3.3v daughterboard if you want a 5Hz module. Basically you can use any GPS you want, as long as it produces standard NMEA data.
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