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I just installed a sonar on my quad and tried the altitude hold. The quad is stable at about 10' and then just slowly settles until on the ground if I let it go. Switching back to stable mode doesn't cause an increase or decrease in altitude. I have seen some posts that may indicate that the trim_throttle or altitude hold pid I parameter may be the problem. The quad also does a slow descent when starting from above 30' so it seems that the issue is just not enough throttle being added to hold the altitude. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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  • Out of curiosity, has anyone ever got the altitude hold to hold altitude reliably and consistently? If so could the settings used relating to altitude be published as some kind of starting point. The one thing I have noticed with all of the posts is that there are is a suggested parameter setting for each post. I believe that my problems are in the tuning, but I have now idea where or how to start adjusting. My quad flies very well in stabilize mode, but just can't do the altitude thing. Thanks.
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    I think the sonar code is not working right in 2.9. It's been fixed in 2.9.1 which is going into dev team beta now. 

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