Flying in position hold today and I was noticing big fluctuations in my altitude hold. Sometimes the quad would randomly jump up 50Ft. Looking at the logs alt and dalt line up pretty well. But throttle in and throttle out doesn't seem in sync. When I have throttle in stuck at 50% sometimes I will get huge and wild fluctuations in throttle out. Can anyone offer some advice for tuning my altitude hold?

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This log may even better demonstrate my issue. At around 4min if you log THRin and Dalt, you can see i'm dropping from 50% throttle down to about 25% throttle but the desired altitude is climbing for some reason. Whats going on here?


you have very bad vibrations on accel Z. the climb happens at the same time as the vibes get really bad.

Sort out your vibrations and or check your flight controller is mounted properly, if it is mounted to reduce vibrations make sure nothing is hitting or clamping the flight controller such as a vibrating/clamped cable or something

Hrm thank you for pointing this out Stuart. My pixhawk is mounted on moongel and all the wires have some slack. Maybe I need to find another mounting method. 

no worries. If its vibes I would look at that too. better to not have vibes in the first place than trying attenuate them

ya im going to check the balance of my props and motors tomorrow. Now I have a path to go down, thanks. 

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