• In FrSkySPort.ino the integer ap_longitude and ap_latitude are divided by 100 and the result multiplied by 6 before sending to the SPort. I understand oring with 0x80000000 to set bit 31 high, but why the arithmetic? The photo of the Taranis shows the Lat and Long displays as degrees and MM.MMMM. Is the Taranis taking an integer and doing the conversion internally?


    • This is the code on the Taranis for the conversion:


                   gps_long_lati_b1w = (gps_long_lati_data&0x3fffffff)/10000;

                  gps_long_lati_a1w = (gps_long_lati_data&0x3fffffff)%10000;

            switch ((gps_long_lati_data & 0xc0000000)>>30) {

            case 0: {

                      frskyData.hub.gpsLatitude_bp = (gps_long_lati_b1w/60*100)+(gps_long_lati_b1w%60);

                      frskyData.hub.gpsLatitude_ap = gps_long_lati_a1w;

              frskyData.hub.gpsLatitudeNS = 'N';


            case 1: {

                      frskyData.hub.gpsLatitude_bp = (gps_long_lati_b1w/60*100) + (gps_long_lati_b1w%60);

                      frskyData.hub.gpsLatitude_ap = gps_long_lati_a1w;

              frskyData.hub.gpsLatitudeNS = 'S';




  • Hey can you please make a simple tutorial on hot to set up the taranis for this, i have flasheed the teensy and soldered the pins and plugged the teensy into telem port and smart port but there is no telemetry displaying on the taranis???

    • It is in your radio manual setup section. Just set up you telemetry pages by adding new parameters to display.

      I posted exactly the same question here but figured it out in 5 minutes later and removed my question.

      • I have added every single choice to my taranis screen all but rssi display data that is changing.

        A1 says 4.76

        and T1 and T2 say 32 but even say this when the teensy is disconnnected

  • Kent, Do you know the exact syntax, so I can put it in MavLink_FrSkySPort.ino?

    regards Peter

    • Hi Peter.  I was showing you generally how to do what you would need to do.  Much more has to happen in the code for it to do what you want.  When the message you are after comes back you have to then direct the pertinent data to the FrSky port in the proper way.  The best way is to jump in and figure it out.  C is not terribly hard and there is plenty of help out on the internet and here.

  • Hi Rolf

    Thanks again for this great code.

    I got the flight mode to be sent down via your suggestion.  Thanks for the info.  Right now I am sending the mode down as the fuel telemetry value.  Is there are more appropriate value to send it down as?  Where did you get the values for the FrSky DATA ID's.

    • Just an FYI for anyone who is trying this.  I got the mode number to be sent to the Taranis via the fuel telemetry value.  That all works.  However, at present there is no way I could find to get the Taranis to create custom switches that triggered on the fuel value in order to trigger the functions to play the voice files.  

      The issue is that you have to use the a~x,a>x,a<x functions to trigger the switch, where a is the fuel value and x is a constant.  Unfortunately a~x is meant to deal with things like RC inputs where you dont really want to trigger on a single value as much as its close to this value  As such, a trigger for say mode 3 (fuel ~= 3) will trigger on several other values because they are close.

      I submitted an issue on the OpenTx git hub site to add an a=x function in addition to the a~x function that exists now.  The response from OpenTx was that that feature was already incorporated into version 2.0 of OpenTx.  If anyone has thought of another way to do it let me know.  Otherwise I will continue to trigger off of the physical switches to get the mode rather than the telemetry value until OpenTx 2.0 is released

      • You have tried fuel>2 and fuel<4 ? I think you can have two conditions?

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