• What about the reverse to this mod? Converting from Frsky protocol back to mavlink and then get the tx rx lines out to a bluetooth module to connect to it using Droidplanner?

      Or is the problem that the tx through Frsky protocol doesn't work and Droidplanner requires this?

      • You could just run both in parallell, just dont hook up tx to the teensy if I remember correctly.

        Teensy = send data only, and the BT-module both send and recieve.

        Double check this though.

        • Sorry if I didn't make it clear enough. What I mean is putting another teensy/arduino mini/etc. board as well as a bluetooth board into the Taranis transmitter to re-translate the frsky-telemetry back to mavlink and from there to serial, so we could get rid of the 433MHz/900MHz telemetry modems completely, and connect to the transmitter with droidplanner via bluetooth.

          • I know what you mean, you can connect a BT-module as it was the 3dr telemetry-link :)

            This in parallell with the teensy, but BT-module would need both TX and RX while teensy would only need to connect to the APM-TX

            So no need for additional teensys etc, just a BT-module as far as I know.

            • But the Taranis doesn't talk mavlink. Although there's this project here, you then can only view the telemetry data on your android but not use droidplanner.

              To use droidplanner, you would first need to retranslate the Taranis intern frsky protocol back to mavlink and then you can connect your bt-module to it and connect with droidplanner. But the problem here seems to be that you would then need a two-way connection but the teensy onboard just reads mavlink data from the fc and translates it for the frsky module. It doesn't receive data from frsky module to send to the fc.

              Now that I typed it out, it seems obvious to me that it won't work....

              But luckily there still is openlrs which seems to support rc control as well as two way telemetry....

  • Where do i get the latest files including scripts for single page display... to work on a tweeny?


  • Hi,

    I can't get mine to compile, Getting various serial errors after using the full path trick for the .h files.

    Can someone point me at a pre compile hex file in the mean time please?



    • Using a teensy? If so, got the extras needed for the software? Otherwise errors when verifying :)

      IF I understood the question correctly that is :)

      • Hi

        Yeah its teensy. I installed the teensy arduino add on . is there anything else I haven't seen?


        • Select the correct chipset in the dropdown menu? Correct port etc?

          Only times I have gottens errors are if the code is bad (this code isnt), if missing libraries (are you?)  and wrong chipset selected (Tools > board >teensy3.1   is the correct one)

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