• When using USB the Telemetry port on APM will not work.

        That's because the Telemetry and USB share the same serial port, with some clever multiplexing to detect if the USB cable is plugged in and switching output to the USB if so.

        • Hello-

          I just was wondering if somebody is working on implementing the SBus to Sum PPM into the Teensy.
          This would be awesome because it would save a lot of wiring or another arduino..,
          Perhaps there is something I could help to do so? I m not good at coding but could at least do some testing...

          Have a nice weekend
      • Developer

        i think it is pretty normal that the usb connection prevents the telemtry connection from running.

        tested it today and could not connect while powered via usb.

        • Thats interesting, because I do get telemetry when connected via USB only.  I just tested it and watched the pixhawk acquire satellites via my Taranis.  I am using a PixHawk though and not an APM

          • Developer

            sorry i tested and meant the apm. dont own a pixhawk yet.

        • okay cheers, this one was giving me problems for hours hehe, i only tried a UBEC because of the OP's comment

    • Which telemetry port are you talking about?? Is it the Mavlink or S.Port.

      The APM sends the Mavlink data  to the Teensy at 5V and all digital pins are 5 volt tolerant on Teensy.

      The Teensy sends  Mavlink data to the APM at 3.3V and as long as you don't supply the APM with more than 5V (max. for the APM) there should normaly not be a problem receiving  this signal at the APM. 

      Check the APM you are using (you say there is a faulty regulator on it)

      • Does telemetry not work when connected via USB?

        • I have a PixHawk not an APM, but for me, Yes the telemetry works when powered by USB and not a battery

  • Yes, thank you Kent.
    Unfortunately, I'm not so good in C.
    Perhaps Rolf can help me.

    regards Peter


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