• I't seem like the Teensy is not reset after power on. What kind of power arrangement do you have ? i.e is there any large capacitor that makes the power rise very slow to the Teensy?  

      • I checked that myself and yes, it only happens when I have my Turnigy Voltage Protector plugged into the X8R. I moved it to the output rail on the APM (where it should have been in the first place), and problem solved.

        • Hmm, thanks for confirmation. But I can't move the CPPM converter. ...guess, I'll go with the add-on reset button.

          • Just reading through this thread I know it was a long time ago but did you even come up with a solution I have that problem myself. 

      • X8R is connected to APM through the S.BUS-to-CPPM converter. That's the only thing.

        I was just reading Teensy 3.1 specs and there's a Reset signal on the bottom of the board. I'm going to add another push button for reset. Or, maybe even simpler, I'm going to add little power switch on the Vcc to be able to easily power cycle Teensy.

  • does it work also for Frsky D8R-II PLUS 2.4Ghz 8CH Receiver? if yes wich connection to rx has been made?

    • Would need a jD-io board from jdrones or an arduino mini pro for that to work. jDrones has a firmware that will work on either for the old hub protocol.
      • pls advise a link to such f/w as i have an unused D4R-II which I like for its small size/ great range. 

        • john

          would be great  if you provide us with the link! many thanks john

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