Hope all is well. I've got a DJI 550 frame with the dji motors that come with it. A 2650 4s battery. And a gps chip. 

I finally got stabilize working well enough to move on to loiter. After I felt comfortable with loiter I plotted my first waypoints. Fired her up and got stabilized. Then switched to auto and it flew up a little and looked like it was getting oriented. The hexacopter turned turned the first waypoint. At this point it starting gaining speed and trying to get to 15 feet (it probably started closer to 30 after it oriented itself) and just kept diving. 

It finally hit dust and broke an arm and parts went flying. At least it looked cool while my throat got clogged up. The copter never tried to recover or turn more towards the waypoint. I've uploaded the log and you can see what I'm talking about.

Any tips or pointers? I've got a while to diagnose the problem while I wait for arms to ship from China. Thanks for any help!


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Aug 25