antenna tracking on airframe

I'd like to use a small gimbal on my airframe to keep a directional antenna, pointed at my ground station. With 5.8ghz the helical antennas are quite small. I don't see a reason it can't be done with the setroi function. Has anyone tried this and how did it work out.  

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  • I'm starting a new project with a Readymaderc, Anaconda. It has enough room to do almost anything I ant to in it. I'm going to fab new landing gear and run an 18 inch prop with a low KV motor. With 3, 4s 5200mah batteries, I should have enough flight time for some extreme range. I've always used 1.2ghz in the past but I've a had issues with it interfering with my gps. Of all the systems in my craft I don't want to glitch out, my GPS is it.

    I'm using the myflydream antenna tracker on my ground station so I can use high gain antennas both for video and telemetry, on the receiver side, making 5.8ghz a viable option, but if I could use a better antenna on the aircraft side, that would be a bonus. Apm tracks home location for RTL as a default. It doesn't seem like much of a stretch to get a gimble to point in that direction.

    I've been flying fpv for a while now, but I admit my knowledge of apm and autonomous flight in general is pretty limited. I've always used Dragon osd in the past for RTL, and while it works, as an "o shit get me home" it's kind of an afterthought and a failsafe at best.

    I'll do my best to research it but any help will be great.
  • I've heard it discussed before, but the conclusion is always that it is an overly complicated solution prone to failure. I've never seen it actually done. If you attempt it, please document the effort here.
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