Any idea what is EV, 28 (DATA_NOT_LANDED)?

I had what looks like an autopilot-gone-wild where at some point (from stabilize) logging stopped and one motor maxed out (and the hexcopter flipped). I suspect a bug in the newest release of the code (3.1 rc7), but I may be missing something.

I could only find two suspect things in the log:

  - the first is the last log line which starts like a GPS entry, but ends in nonsense:

GPS, 3, 160439600, 1768, 7, 2.25, 35.7711485, -78.6745492, 2.20, 130.95, 4.28e+07, -0.01, nan, 4294967295

 - the second one is at the beginning of the log when first is starts by EV 18 (Landing complete) there was no landing - was just plugged in, but then comes the mysterious EV, 28 which is DATA_NOT_LANDED. What is that? 

EV, 18
EV, 10
CTUN, 321, 0.00, 0.04, 0.000000, 0.00, 0, 130, 0, 0
MOT, 1121, 1121, 1121, 1121, 1121, 1121
ATT, 0.00, 1.04, 0.00, -1.03, 0.00, 199.44, 199.44
IMU, 27187, -0.000076, 0.000007, -0.000000, 0.101510, -0.697550, -10.05690
EV, 28
EV, 15
ATT, 0.00, 1.04, 0.00, -1.03, 0.00, 199.44, 199.44
IMU, 27208, 0.000262, 0.001040, 0.000915, 0.097797, -0.692081, -10.06386

Any ideas are welcome!


2013-11-25 15-40 1.log

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  • Did you ever learn more about EV 28?

    I had a strange glitch that it also made an appearance in... seemed to take off in RTL mode...

    • No, sorry - it didn't show up again, and nobody answered this post. I read your post - freaky indeed! I'm thinking the autopilot may get in a state it's not supposed to, but I'm not sure - last I tried to read the code (for about 5-10 minutes) it didn't make any sense to me.



      • Thanks, perhaps i'll dig into the code a bit.

        • Would love to know what this is, as well. I had my quad fall out of the sky yesterday.

          I was in stabilize mode, and logs only show stabilize mode, but I have 3 EV id's:

          1. EV 10

          2. EV 15

          3. EV 28

          EV 28 stays set throughout the entire flight, with pretty persistent GPS errors, but I never see my mode actually change to anything like Auto or RTL and I never changed my mode out of Stabilize. However, at the end of my flight, throttle looks like it just went to 0 and the quad came crashing down.

          Still trying to diagnose and determine if this "DATA_NOT_LANDED 28" event has anything to do with it.

          *Adding the reference import for event IDs

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