Any suggestions on radios for F450?

Hey everyone.

I've got all the parts I need to wrap up my F450 build, except for my first radio.  I'm planning to fly this thing in all modes, including FPV.  I'm currently using an APM 2.6 until my Pixhawk ships.

I am very interested in the new open source FrSky Taranis, but they seem to be unable to ship them out.  I've waited for weeks now (some people have waited months), and I've given up for now.  I'm very much interested in open source hardware, so it's not so much the cost of the radio that I am interested in, though the price is attractive for what it can do.

That said, I guess this means I'm looking for another radio, so I can get this baby flying.  I'm aware of the Turnigy 9xR fitted with the FrSky module, but I'm wondering what else you might recommend around the $300 range.  Honestly, with devices like the Taranis hitting the market at the price point, I have zero interest in paying $400+ for a radio.

Thanks in advance for the advice!

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  • I wanted to add a few more comments in case anyone can help.

    I called the only hobby shop out here where I live, and they are a "we only fly with Futaba" shop.  They said they have the 8ch T8J in the shop for $279.  Does anyone know if the receiver will work with APM 2.6?

    I will be getting a Taranis eventually, for the extra channels and the open source software, but it really sucks having a quad sitting here that I can't fly because I have no radio.  If this T8J works, I'd like to use it and then sell it once I get the Taranis.

    The local shop tried to warn me away from FrSky, calling it a "cheap Chinese knock-off", to which I laughed.  He didn't really seem to know much about it, and he had no idea what an APM was.  They sell Naza.

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