I recieved my new APM 2 week ago and havn't been able to fly with it yet. I followed the instructions and it work very well with 2.28 and HIl version. The Mission Planner was 1.1.50. Once I upgraded the Mission Planner 1.1.51 and up it started to act funny with just usb being plugged in. The mission planner would get a no Mavlink heartbeat and also terminal would be stuck on Init Gyro. I would let it sit for couple of hours without power and reconnect. Everything was working for 5 mintues and with the board still on the table the gyro stopped working again. I tired to go back older firmware and mission planner with no success. Even updated the ppm decoder with the 2.26 hex file and still no success. The APM 2 still works in HIL firmware without any problems. I have followed many other forums that had similar problems however none where a fix. I tried arduino ide 2.30 firmware and mission planner version. I turned on the #define APM2 code line to make sure the it was correct. I can't get the Init Gyro to pass. I don't want to removed the daughter board and if I need to I will send it back to get fixed. I also have tried the flashcard removal and resets and erase with no luck. I havn't even flown the board and it allready bad. Any help would be nice.

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Also upgrade mission planner 1.1.54 same results.

Hi Zachary

Sorry if this is a silly question, but have you tried resetting the board while connected to USB?

I occasionally have the board stop on only blue LED's and not boot on USB, and it always does this when I connect to LIPO. 

I then just  press the reset button and it boots correctly. 

Good luck


Yes, tried few hundred times hoping it would boot properly. GPS fix stays and other C- blue light goes out then comes back. When I try to do a connected I can click reset and starts uploading then freezes and then a time out.

I think I found the problem. I flashed a flash light in the middle of the daughter board and APM and there is a white chip moving around kind of losely. I think that is my gyro problem.

Been 2 days since sent email to help email address and I have not had a answer. There a white plastic peace loose and I never got to fly this thing. 200 bucks is a lot for a rattle.

Hello such, let me know if you found solution to this? I have the same problem. thanks

My copter drop from sky as rock and after that gyro did not init. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZkNGRJBKOk

I have read same kind issues with APM 2.0 that copter just fall off sky without any warning and after that gyro does not work. It looks that if gyro fails it not only put copter to unstabilized mode it hang whole code and shutdown motors. I hope that this is fixed in new code. 

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