APM 2.0 lock-up causes crash?

I received my APM 2.0 a couple of months ago.  On my maiden flight, I was having some trouble flying in stabilize mode.  I switched back to manual, and the plane promptly went belly up and straight into the ground.  I built a new airframe and began testing some things the other day.  I found that, while in stabilize mode, the whole system will lock up for 2-3 seconds when I manually activate the control surfaces.  Sometimes, when I put it back in manual mode, the left aileron will shoot straight up.  I believe this is what caused my initial crash.  Has anyone experienced this sort of problem, and was there a solution?  I am a  little concerned about putting it back in the air with it doing this on the ground.



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  • Just saw this at Hobby King and started to think..  would this be helpful in supplying a stable power supply to the APM2?

    just curious..  also could it hurt anything to plug this into the output rail just to see?  the specs say 

    The Turnigy Voltage Protector helps prevent your receiver from dropping below its required operating voltage. This helps to eliminate "brown outs" and prevents your receiver from rebooting. It will also help reduced the load on your ESCs BEC and reduce the likelihood of glitching. Simply plug it in to any spare channel on your receiver.

    Operating Voltage : 3.2V - 11.1V (1s ~ 3s LiPo)
    Capacitor voltage: 16v
    Storage Capacity: 3300uf



  • @Brian

    Did you fly with std settings with the Rtl and auto flights
  • I have the same issue. The lockup can happen in manual or stabilize mode. I can duplicate the problem by rocking the board back and forth when I'm testing on the workbench. It would freeze up and then a minute later or something it will return back to normal.

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