I'm really concerned my that my APM entered RTL after a Battery Failsafe LAND when it touched down.

I've uploaded the logs. 

All I could find in the logs is:

34233 Mode Land

34234 Err Subsys 6 Ecode 1

34400 Mode RTL

34422 Mode Stabilize

Any help would be appreciated.   I've very concerned that It switched from Land (which is enabled by the failsafe) to RTL then to Stabilize.  This happened when it was on my lawn and I was approaching.  The entire time my TX switch was in Stabilize.  I don't see any other Err entry. 

I'm under the impression that if you are flying in stabilize, then a battery failsafe may only cause a LAND and never an RTL.  Is this a correct assumption?

This was my madden flight with this build - I did not breach any geofence and at all times I was with in 5-10 meters. My failsafe options is set to "Enabled always RTL" with a FS Pwm of 1020. FrSky RX sends 900 THR when TX is switched off (in testing) (no other channels are sent keeping them at current PWM values). 

What other events in the log could indicate the reason for RTL?

Please see the attached log.

2013-11-12 20-21 7.log

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  • Did you have any luck figuring this out? I had a similar experience twice in a row today.. Haven't had a chance to review my logs yet (flew on my lunch break) 

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