APM 2.5 as antenna tracker


 Probably a very silly question but I am a bit buffled by all these AXXX tracker, ardustation,

I have a spare APM 2.5 and I would like to use it to control the pan tilt servos for an antenna.

Is this possible?


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  • It certainly is possible since the APM has servo outputs and can process telemetry data on one of its serial ports.  The problem is that no one I know has written the software to do it. Also there is a question of a user interface if this isn't associated with another GCS. You would need an LCD attached or output config/init data on another serial port. Again - more software to be written.

    Another approach would be to get a usb  to servo out board such as the Maestro http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/1350

     and hook this up to a notebook running the Mission Planner. The MP has the ability to compute antenna angles to be sent to the Maestro servo output board which would move the pitch and pan servos. Of course this requires a notebook, but is an option of you are already using a notebook with MP.


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