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Hello! I am working on learning to do CAD with AutoDesk Inventor. Does anyone know if the cad files for APM 2.5 are available and if they would be compatible with inventor? I know they exist because I have seen beautiful renderings on the wiki. The 3dr Github Repo is either unused or is private. Is there any way i can get these? The Project is Open Source and I did purchase one.


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  • 3D Model now available for download from APM 2.5 wiki (at the bottom of the page)

  • Are you still after a model of the apm 2.5? If so, are you able to import/convert from from google sketchup format?
  • Hi,

    I have done quite a lot of mechanical and hydraulic engineering in Inventor.


    A good book is this series:


    Also, go and buy the largest Lego Technics you can afford. Something like this: http://www.amazon.com/LEGO-4498935-Motorized-Bulldozer/dp/B000NOQJ3...


    You are able to model that in every way, down to the thiniest details, learning about constraints and all the other stuff that inventor can help you with :) If you can model this in details, then you are able to model most machines and structures.

    I found it quite a lot easier to have something physical in front of me that I was to model.


    At the end you shuld be able to animate the model doing something. And if you get asked from a possible employer about what you have made, you can actually send him the model. That way, he would be able to go into the model and have a look at the way you have built the model. Much better to do something like this than just showing a nice looking CV.


    A nice place to find parts for your other designs are www.traceparts.com. You can download directly into Inventor from there. Free registration.


    Also, have a look at a 3d mice. www.3dconnexion.com/ are world leaders on this. See if you can find a refurbished or used one if you find them expensive.


    Above all: Have fun!! :)






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