APM 2.5 - mavlink connect fails after getting AHRS_RP_P


 I'm not sure whether its hardware or software problem, but as I have reflashed software and reset the device multiple times, I suspect hardware. Here are the symptoms:

After successful flight i tried to connect APM via telebee radio. Telebee's didnt link, so i brougt the usb cable. On mavlink conncet it reads all params up to "got AHRS_RP_P" and then the reading stops, until it gets the timeout. the detailed error message is "got 224 out of 256 params in 6 retries".

I tried flashing the software- overwrite my arduplane 2.68 with arducopter 2.91, then installed again the arduplane firmware. The error remains the same.

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  • Most of the reports of freezing  during connect have been the sensor init failing in the background .

    Check for error during boot in the Terminal screen and test the sensors in cli


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