HI Guys

Quick one, i Hope someone can help.

I was busy doing some setting changes on APM 2.5 and had just disconnected the lipo when the - lead briefly shorted on the + lead while the + was still conected to the APM.

Now the board powers up but does not respond to RX input windows does not see the USB when its plugged in and the 3DR radio does not allow a connection.  3dr radio seems to work fine when powered directly i can connect and get settings from the remote device.

what may I have Fried what can i do to repair it.

the board also acts a little strange on power up ..... i think the boot loader may have been corrupted 

Where can i get the bootloader for APM 2.5 and maybe even the ppm firmware?

IMG 0247[1] from theo van Niekerk on Vimeo.

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having the exact same problem. just ordered another apm 2.5 from ebay over the weekend. have you received any suggestions?

nope none yet sent it back to 3dr for testing

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