APM 2.5 not stabilizing quad

Hey guys

I seem to be having an issue with quad flight stability. When it takes off it just flips to one side. I tried lowering the proportional gain, it made the flipping maneuver less aggressive but the quad still tilted to one side when taking off and it cost me a propeller. I am using the  X600 frame with 4 700kV  hobby king motors. I've included a picture of the frame. Does anybody have any experience using this frame? If so what gains do you guys recommend? Maybe  I should lower all gains to the least value possible and start from there? Any advice would be appreciated!



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    Verify if you do not fall under onr or more of these causes :

    -you did not calibrate your APM level. You should do that from the mission planner, hardware, then push the "Accel calibration" button, then follow the messages.

    -one (or more) motors do not turn in the right direction (see wiki : http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/ac2_props_2/)

    -you did not attach the right propellers on the right motors

    It has nothing to do with your gains because wrong PIDs do not make a quad tilt in a certain direction (it could make it flip though).

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