APM 2.5 Object avoidance suggestions


I know there are threads on object avoidance but the ones I have found so far are either several years old with dead links or people just saying don't do it the sensors are slow.

So here is why I am doing this, I am doing a research project and this is a stepping stone towards a bigger goal. I need data using different sensors (IR, sonar, laser) for a object avoidance system. I have an APM 2.5 board and here is the catch I have a hexa. I've seen most people do this with a Quad so I'm sure any test code I get will need tweaking but I didn't take up research because I thought it would be easy. 

If anyone has any helpful links for newer code for a system, any guides from people that have build a system, or any other documentation that I can look at that would be great. If its a good enough source it may be another cite for my paper at the end of the semester.


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  • Thanks, I've looked at many videos on youtube but sadly they don't provide links to explain how they did any of it even though several of them were said to be documented school projects. 

  • A hexa is probably slightly better. You can lift a bit more weight on that, so as a platform gives you more leeway into the future. The only difference I see is how the navigation commands are translated to the motors, there aren't significant differences between them.

    On youtube you'll see many videos on collision avoidance for indoor and outdoor environments and you can evaluate how well it works out for them.

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