apm 2.5 off center

I just bought a flying wing i want to use the apm 2.5 on  for stabelise and rth. Only problem is i can;t mount the apm center. I will be about 7 cm off center to the left. Is this possible or a no go?

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    My 50inch wing has the APM embeded 4 inches (10cm) to the right of centreline no problems at all, its also 3 inches in front of the CG.

    without the APM the wing would turn sharper to the left (torque) , With the AMP in the right wing the turn is the same each way. I did put a 1/8 tube with a centre hole therough the wing so that the sealed APM sees the air pressure from above and below the wing, I get a good stable altitude by doing this. it helps.

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    In most cases the effect will be in the order of a few percent, in other words: likely not enough that one would even notice the difference.

    If you can't get the location exact then don't worry too much, place it as close as you can and IF you can tell the difference come back and post here.

  • It should be nice to have an option where you can define a center offset.
    I'm facing the same problems when mounting my apm into the TBS Discovery.
    It is not 7cm off likr for Ruben but still, it is not dead center.

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    For the gyro's it doesn't matter, for the accelerometers it does. Center is ideal, especially laterally.

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