• Yes, the diode can be replaced, or bypassed.

    In your case I would just lift it off and bypass it with a solder bridge or very small wire jumper soldered in.

    The purpose of the diode, I think, is to prevent reverse voltage connection when powering via the Output header. As you have APM2.5, you would still have the fuse for some protection even if the diode is bypassed/removed.

    If you are comfortable with an electrical schematic, there is a simplied power schematic for your board HERE.

    The next question is: Which component is D1?


    D1 and F2 are inside the shocking pink box above. D1 is parallel to JP1 just inside the Output header rows.

    Good Luck!


  • When J1 is in, you are powering the APM from the output bus.  Normally a BEC internal to one of the ESC's.  If the output bus is 5-Volts, then the diode in series with J1 drops the voltage by .6-volts.

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