APM 2.5 power supply.

Hi all,After much reading I see that there are numerous ways of powering the APM 2.5 control board.At present my board is powered by one of the BEC on one of my speed controls on my hex.I have just received a power module which I am intending to connect over the next couple of days.So, I have one question and one request.My question is: Redundancy, is setting up 2 sources of power supply to my board possible or desirable?My request is for those reading to please advise how their own boards are powered.Thank you all so much, my first auto missions were last week and I thank you all for contributing your information to this forum, without which, I'd still be scratching my head!RegardsAlfie

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  • Redundancy in a supply is a good idea but implementation can be tricky. The failure of supply 'A' (the primary) would affect supply 'B' (backup) without a max load switching mechanism/circuit. If 'A' shorted (+V to Return) the output load without such a scheme, 'B' would simply be shorted as well.

    On the other hand, if 'A' failed with no output, then 'B' could take up the load.

    A third scenario is 'A' failed below specification. In all scenarios some form of supply management is required before we could claim to have a redundant system. Of course the management system would have to maintain in-spec supply during the transition to ensure APM does not brown out.

    Your question: Is is possible but not completely trivial to implement.

    Your request: In my application, the paralleled ESCs +V outputs (from the 3DR PDB) supply power to my APM2.0 Output header for my quadrotor. This was the common method before the 3DR Power Module was developed and released.

    You posed an interesting question that is rarely discussed.


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