APM 2.5 Servo Madness !!!!

Hi, I´m new to APM and need some help here.

Last week I maidened my X-8 wing only with rc equipment (no APM) Everything goes OK. Made a couple of flights, trimed as sugested.


Turnigy brushless ESC 85A w/ 5A SBEC

Hobbyking motor

HiTec servos HS 225 MG

Futaba 149 DP 72 mHz RX.

Today, I instaled the APM 2.5. Downloaded MP and instaled the firmware OK. I followed the instructions, USB and GPS connected to APM board, RX to APM to Servos and power module connected to feed servos. But when I powered up to make radio calibration servos goes crazy and start shaking realy bad, I can move the servos with my Tx but they shake everytime. I use 3s and 4s batt. with the power module with the same result (no Jumper used). 

After that I remove the APM and connect servos and Esc to Rx as usual and everything works fine again, so I think is something with the APM.   


Any sugestions of what could be happening.



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  • Hi

    Have you solved the problem? I had the same problem ,,the problem is electronic components so close to eachother, and they have electromagnetic  effects to each other,, i solved it by isolating APM2.6 by aluminium paper   . 

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