After setting up everything and getting ready to fly i ended up connecting the APM 2.5 power module the wrong way around...result....puff and burning the power module in addition to have shorted the Flight controller power input.... there anyone out there who can help determine if the board can be repaired....i read that the diode or fuse might have protected the rest of the board and replacing them might work...being a newbie to the hobby i dont have any experience ...i connected the FC via USB to my computer ...the blue light flickered for a second and and then goes off....but i dont get a connection and neither does the computer pickup the FC....not sure if the board can be repaired.....any help or advice would be appreciated...i also emailed 3DR support to see if they could help out.....Stupid mistake on my part.....not sure what i was thinking ..

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To be honest....i have no idea what to replace and how to replace them!...the input for the power has two burnt pins.....and the FC isnt picked up or gets powered up via the USB....anyone out here who can help....i can send the board etc....

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