APM 2.5: This device cannot start. (Code 10)


I received my APM 2.5 a couple days ago and followed the instructions to install mission planner here. Windows didn't locate the drivers automatically so I went to device manger, which shows Arduino Mega 2560 (COM7) with a yellow symbol next to it. I locate the drivers manually (Arduino MEGA 2560), and the following error code pops up: Device status: "This device cannot start. (code10)".

I have found two instances of this happening before (one of them here). Both of the fixes involve replacing a faulty USB cable. I tried using the cable from my phone (which I know works), to no avail. The APM is getting power though, since the LEDs are flashing (red&blue - orange, Green LED near GPS port).

I'm running windows 7 64 bit on my laptop.

Any ideas?



The APM 2.5 can't be started from the USB 3,0 ports on my laptop, but works fine from the 2.0 port.

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  • Hi, I used to have an AOM2 that did the same. Suspected hardware problem and replaced the ATMegaU8. That solved it.

    You should of course not have to do that with a brand new one! Sounds like a warranty case to me (if you can't get it to work on a different computer either).

    Your driver installation sounds correct. I have the driver and APM2s working OK on Win7 64 bit here.



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