APM 2.5 -- Unable to Reverse Servo direction

I'm new to the Ardupilot.  I'm setting up the first flight tests now.  My rudder and aileron controls are backwards.  I've tried clicking the buttons within the Mission Planner, but that doesn't reverse the controls.  I've looked through the manual settings and noticed that after clicking the Reverse button, the value in the manual field was 1 instead of -1.  I manually changed the value to -1 and wrote the information to the board, but again, the controls are not reversed.

Can anyone offer any suggestions?

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  • I'm not a very good pilot.  As such, I have recruited a member of one of the local flying clubs to assist with trial flights.  Considering that I don't get many opportunities to get this thing in the air, I wanted to take advantage of my time with the upcoming flight.

    I had planned on conducting an initial flight with the APM in manual mode.  This will allow the pilot to examine how the plane flies and then if any changes need to be made.  If everything flies well, while still in flight, I was going to have him flip the switch on the controller and go into 'loiter' mode.  This would allow us to test basic functionality of the board while on the first test flight (provided everything up til this point is working ok).  If that all works, I was going to have him flip another switch and have the APM fly a programmed pattern around the airfield.  This will allow testing of GPS and the Auto mode.  After those tests, we were going to land the plane and then go from there.

    Is that not a reasonable plan of action considering my limited ability to successfully fly the plane on my own?

    I figured as long as the plane was first tested in manual mode, it didn't really matter if the APM was hooked up or not. 

    Please advise if I'm incorrect in my thinking.


  • Hi, the reverse feature in APM concerns auto stabilization and autopilot, not RC. You have to do RC reverse on your transmitter.
    PS: Please get the plane flying without APM first! When it flies well, add APM.
    Regards, Soren
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