APM 2.5 with no option of a 3rd servo?

Hi Guys,

I am just finishing of my hex and have stumbled upon a problem running 2 servos for the camera gimbal and one for a shutter.

With the 3DR power module attached and J1 removed servo outputs RC9-RC12 are powered from the power module. This means that I can not connect a servo to these. No matter, I have RC7 and RC8 still open for my camera gimbal as the output side is powered by a 5A BEC.
However I have no means of connecting a servo to activate my shutter button.
What to do?
What do people do that fly Octocopters when all 8 outputs are occupied with esc’s?


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    You need to run 5V from the BEC to your camera trigger servo, and connect it's signal line to A9/A10 or A11 and configure in MP. Unfortunately its not easy plug'n'play, but it's doable. just use a 'Y-cable' from the outputs side e.g CH8 to connect power only to your gimbal servos.

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