APM 2.5 without GPS for indoor work.

I'm not far off building a Multicopter to be used as an indoor inspection tool. Where we'll be going is a huge indoor space, metal wall, very little lighting (Probably a few halogens). Most of the lighting will be provided by high intensity lighting on the machine itself.


I was thinking about using the APM 2.5 as the Flight Controller, we would probably fit sonar and I'd like some sort of position hold so the 'Optical Flow' might be a solution. I'm going to be trying to video up to 30 metres up and a couple of meters away from the walls.


Anyone had any experience doing this kind of work? Since I use the APM in my own Multicopters and planes I'm familar enough with the hardware, but its all been flying outside :) Do the accellerometers provide any level of position hold in release 2.9 of the software withouth GPS?

I'm trying to get my head around how to provide a platform with as little drift as possible.


We'll be testing the concept in a few days time using a quad I've thrown togther out of bits just to see what its like operating in the space. Some of these new high power LEDS are amazing, the image shows the LEDS during the daytime:) Once we get a feel for what we need then it'll be time to design a machine specific to the task.3691015284?profile=original



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