APM 2.6 for sale

Hi everybody,


First of all I hope it's allowed to post sales offers here. I recently started to sell my RC gear and I'm offering my never used APM 2.6 which I bought last summer. The APM also comes with the u-blox GPS w/compass. The board and GPS are mint condition, as I never got around to assembling a plane for them :/. The board is this one

If anyone's interested please send me a PM. I'd like to sell the kit for around $100, but I would be willing to negotiate prices. 

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  • Pete, Just checking to see if you're still selling this.

    Thanks, Mike

    • In line if things don't work out, new to DIY UAVs, looking to build.

  • Pete, I sent you a friend request on here. You have to accept that before I can pm you. Feel free to email me directly hybridowner and it's a gmail address.
  • That's a fire sale price... somebody jump on this before I do..


  • I'm interested.  What all does it come with (power module, cables, etc.)?  Is the GPS unit the 3DR GPS and compass?  Thanks, Mike

    • Mike, 

      The APM 2.6 includes the 3DR Power Module with XT60 connector, PPM and JPI jumper connectors, and aMicro-USB cable. The GPS/compass is the 3DR. Everything that came with the originally purchased product is included. 

      • I'll take it. Let me know how to make arrangements.
        • If for any reason this doesn't work out please let me know. I'm trying to find this version board/setup so I can have a set that exactly matches a rig for my Father so that he and my brother and I will all be on the same equipment.....
          To cut down on tech support and save me what's left of my hair.
          We are all in different states but get together once a year kind of thing.
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